I saw this hanging in the library at school and it made me think of my international experience in Morocco. I think this statement really sums up how I felt about the experience and the people I met.

Fez is the medieval capital of Morocco. It is the best-preserved old city in the Arab world and the Medina is the largest car-free urban zone. According to our guide the Medina holds thousands of shops…I actually think he said over 80,000, but that number seems so large that I think I must have heard […]


On Saturday, two students, Teha and Zanab, (I probably spelt their names wrong–sorry!) from Lalla Amina High School, took me on a tour of the Old Medina in Meknes.  Teha lives in the Old Medina and really enjoyed showing me around.  He first took me to his house to meet his mother, aunt, and grandmother. […]

On Thursday we arrived in Meknes and we were greeted by our host teacher, Khadija, and 4 students.  Immediately we felt at home.  Khadija then took us to her school and above the main entrance there was a beautiful banner they had created just for us!  Outside the school the headmaster and other members of […]

All of you Katy Perry fans out there will be happy to know that she has made it global and is even quite popular in Morocco.  Today we visited two schools, one public and one private.    When we arrived at the private school they welcomed us with milk and dates, a Moroccan tradition, and then […]

So it seems throughout time, for some reason, it has been considered better to be right-handed than left-handed, but in Morocco it is actually considered offensive to do certain things with your left hand. Your left hand is for “private matters” and your right hand is for public use.  This is really important to remember, […]

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook the other day and I wanted to share it here.   “Where There’s a will… The scene is a cafe in Tangiers.  Tomorrow is Saturday. I’ve just invited a Moroccan friend to a picnic at the beach.  Will he come?   “Perhaps,” he says in English, translating […]