Saint Patrick’s Day in Fez

Fez is the medieval capital of Morocco. It is the best-preserved old city in the Arab world and the Medina is the largest car-free urban zone. According to our guide the Medina holds thousands of shops…I actually think he said over 80,000, but that number seems so large that I think I must have heard him wrong!

Things are transported to and from the Medina by way of donkeys and sometimes horses.  The streets are too narrow for other forms of transportation.  Sometimes you will see donkeys or horses carrying large TV’s and even furniture.  If you plan to move into a home in the Medina, think carefully about what you plan to bring because your moving truck will be a donkey!

Below is the entrance to the Fez, Medina.


While wandering through the Medina we stopped and saw a 14th-century religious college–a beautiful example, among many, of Islamic architecture.  We also visited a Moroccan carpet store and saw how carpets are made.  I was almost convinced to buy a carpet, but of course I picked out a silk one–the most expensive carpets they have–so was quickly convinced I did not need it.  However, they were all beautiful!

Carpet Weaving

Carpet Weaving

After the carpet store we visited a silk shop.  One minute I was standing there looking at the scarves and the next, a man was wrapping my head in a scarf.  It was interesting!  I must say I look pretty good in a hijab! (just kidding) I ended up getting a silk blanket to go on my bed that I am pretty excited about!  I hope it matches my room decor as well as I think it will.

The next stop was the tannery.  Here we saw leather-making techniques that have not changed since the Middle Ages. When you walk into the tannery they give you a mint leaf they refer to as your “gas mask” to protect you from the horrible smell and then you get a view of the men working in the tannery.

Mint "Gas Mask"

Mint “Gas Mask”




Our last stop was Khadija’s (our host teacher) friend’s Riad or guest house.  Khadija’s friend bought some property in the Fez Medina and turned it into this beautiful Oasis among the chaos that is the Medina.  If traveling to Fez, I highly recommend staying there!
Riad 1
I have so many more pictures to share, but unfortunately, uploading pictures on the blog takes forever.  So, you will have to wait to see them in person or on Facebook.  But, if you get the chance, definitely make a trip to Fez someday!
Stay tuned for pictures of the Roman ruins, the countryside of Morocco, and an update on the football match I will be filming with the boys at school tomorrow!

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  1. khadija · · Reply

    Thank you for giving this opportunity to discover once more the beauty in my country.I’m sure you will come back and you will remember this wonderful trip .Your visit was an enriching,exciting and unforgetable experience for my students.

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